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Alberto Balzanelli

Alberto BalzanelliAlberto Balzanelli was born in Argentina in 1941. He was the Dean of the High Institute of Art of the Colon Theater (Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon) of Buenos Aires before his retirement. Balzanelli was the conductor of the Standing Choir for more than 15 years at Teatro Colon, an opera house known aroundthe world. Prior to that, he was a choral conductor at the Teresa Carreno Theater in Caracas, Venezuela.

As a conductor, Balzanelli is often invited to work with major orchestras throughout South America. As a composer, his music is especially loved in Argentina and has been included in many International Choral Festivals.

    Choral Publications by Alberto Balzanelli (2)

    Cancion Con Todos (Isella / Balzanelli) - 8789 / $1.50sample available for this title
    La Ninez De America (Balzanelli) - 8800 / $1.75sample available for this title
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