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Giacomo Gastoldi

Giacomo Gastoldi

Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (c. 1550 - c. 1622) Italian composer. Gastoldi was in the chapel of the Gonzaga family in Mantua, eventually as maestro di cappella(succeeding Giaches de Wert) from 1572 until 1608; then probably moved to Milan. Among his compositions are madrigals, a variety of sacred vocal music, and a small amount of instrumental music. Most prominent and influential, however, are his two sets of balletti, strophic vocal dance-songs with passages of nonsense syllables. These were often reprinted, widely known, and much imitated, especially outside Italy.

Strings Series by Giacomo Gastoldi (1)

    Strings Publications by Giacomo Gastoldi (2)

    Renaissance Rock & Courtly Dance (Pearson / Gastoldi - Arr. Pearson) - SO241C / $45.00audio available for this titlesample available for this title
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