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Artistry In Strings, Book 1 - Score

by Robert Frost

Artistry In Strings, Book 1 - Score

The comprehensive approach of Artistry in Strings provides all the basic tools necessary for establishing solid technique and expressive music making! Perfect for classroom, group, or private instruction. Each book includes music theory, composition, listening exercise, improvisation, ensemble performances, and interdisciplinary studies for a well-rounded approach. Music styles include classical, jazz, country, rock and folk music from a variety of cultures around the world.

Book 1 provides the well-rounded approach students need to become successful string players and overall musicians. Bowing curriculum begins immediately to encourage the physical development needed for strong bowing technique. Note reading right from the start allows students to develop strong reading skills. Rhythm Charts feature rhythmic word associations for quick comprehension and long-term retention. The two Accompaniment CDs provide great motivation to practice - students will love playing along with professional musicians!

The Conducter Score includes director tips, performance assessments, duplicable theory and history worksheets, percussion enrichments, piano accompaniments, and much more. The score comes with both Accompaniment CDs and an Enrichment CD featuring excerpts of symphonic works and world music as introduced in the student books.

Product Details:

10-digit ISBN Number: 0849733979
Media: Music Books
Level or Grade: 1
Series: Artistry in Strings

Edition Number: 100F / Price: $49.95

Sample Pages
100F - Artistry In Strings, Book 1 - Full Score (Table of Contents)
Audio Files
100F - Artistry In Strings, Bk 1: Three String Spiccato (Sample Recording)
100F - Artistry In Strings, Bk 1: Theme-Symphony No. 104 (Sample Recording)
100F - Artistry In Strings, Bk 1: Mary's B-a-a-ad Adventure (Sample Recording)
100F - Artistry In Strings, Bk 1: Kum Ba Yah (Sample Recording)
100F - Artistry In Strings, Bk 1: The Half Step Mixer Fixer (Sample Recording)
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