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by Jack Stamp


It was with great pleasure that I received a commission from my good friends at the Johnstown (Pennsylvania) Symphony Orchestra, Istvan Jaray, music director and conductor, to write a work for the opening of their 1996-1997 season. My intention was to write a lively work which highlighted the strengths of this musical organization while being accessible and appealing to their loyal audience members. In trying to tie something unique about Johnstown to the work, I came up with the title, Iridium, which is a term that deals with the production of metal.

During the writing of the work, my friend, colleague, and former teacher, Hugh Johnson passed away. Dr. Johnson, faculty emeritus at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was a terrific musician who was always enthusiastic about orchestral music! It is this enthusiasm and energy that I have tried to capture in this new work, which is dedicated to Dr. Johnson's memory.

Finally, I would like to thank Maestro Jaray and Tony Blackner for their interest in my work. With Iridium comes my best wishes to Maestro Jaray and the orchestra for a fantastic new season of music-making.

  -Jack Stamp (August, 1996)

Product Details:

Media: Music Books
Level or Grade: 5
Instrumentation: Full Orchestra

Edition Number: JO2002C / Price: $55.00

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