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Renaissance Suite, A - Score

Renaissance Suite, A - Score

Here's a nice way to feature beautiful music that is often overlooked. The three movements selected for this suite come from the published works of the English Renaissance composer Thomas Ravenscroft. They are: A Belmans Song; A Courtier's Good Morrow; and The Fayries Daunce. The final movement gives you a chance to feature your star violinist with some solo work. This is an excellent vehicle for introducing music of the Renaissance Period!

Product Details:

Media: Music Books
Level or Grade: 3
Instrumentation: String Orchestra

Edition Number: SO234F / Price: $5.00

Sample Pages
SO234F - Renaissance Suite, A - Score (Sample Page)
Audio Files
SO234C - Renaissance Suite, A: A Belmans Song (Sample Recording)
SO234C - Renaissance Suite, A: A Courtier's Good Morrow (Sample Recording)
SO234C - Renaissance Suite, A: The Fayries Daunce (Sample Recording)
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