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Beethoven Selected Works For Piano (CD)

by Ludwig van Beethoven
Performed by Diane Hidy
Edited by Keith Snell

Beethoven Selected Works For Piano (CD)

Use this carefully chosen repertoire volume to provide a gradual transition for your students from easier to more difficult works. This volume will be a resource for your students for many years of study. You will appreciate both the quality and quantity that make this edition an outstanding value. Included in this 64-page collection are:

1            Sonatina in G major - Moderato
2            Sonatina in G major - Romance
3            Bagatelle in A minor, Op. 119, No. 9
4            Sonatina in F major - Allegro
5            Sonatina in F major - Rondo
6-12       Six Variations on a Swiss Song
13          Bagatelle in D major, Op. 119, No 3
14          For Elise
15          Minuet in G
16          Bagatelle in G minor, Op 119, No 4
17          Sonata in G major, Op 49, No 2 - Allegro, ma non troppo
18          Sonata in G major, Op 49, No 2 - Tempo di Menuetto
19-25     Six Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento" (from the Opera "La Molinara" by
26          Bagatelle in F major, Op 33, No 3
27-33     Six Variations on an Original Theme in G major
34          Sonata in G minor Op 49, No 1- Antdante
35          Sonata in G minor Op 49, No 1 - Rondo: Allegro
36          Rondo in C major, Op 51, No 1


Product Details:

Media: Music Recordings
Level or Grade: INT
Instrumentation: Piano
Series: Audio Available on iTunes
Master Composer Library

Edition Number: GP378CD / Price: $13.95

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