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Music Money

by Three Cranky Women (TCW Resources), Kathleen Lloyd, Charlene Shelzi and Laura G. Zisette

Music Money

An Incentive Program that Really Pays!

$1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills feature the portraits of famous composers. Includes instructions for establishing a successful incentive program, plus all the "cash" teachers need to begin.

Incentive Ideas:
- Pay your students for everything! Pay them for practicing, being on time, being early, remembering their books, completing their theory assignment, learning their scales, memorizing, performing, bowing. . . . you name it! Use Music Money to encourage behaviors you as a teacher would like to see (or would like to see more of.)

- Let them spend it! Decide when and how students will be allowed to “spend” their hard-earned Music Money. Choose a system that meets the needs of your program. Just have fun - you can bet your students will!

Spending Ideas:
- Prizes: Provide prizes and “price” them accordingly ($5 penny candy, $50 candy bar or soda, $200 silly string, $3000 movie ticket, etc.). Students can buy something at each lesson or save for a long-term reward.

- Grab Bags: Create grab bags worth different denominations ($10 a bag, $50 a bag, $200 a bag, etc.). Decide whether to offer these at every lesson, once a month, or once a term.

- Auctions: Provide prizes (or better yet, have students bring one item each) for the month/term/year-end auction and allow students to bid on items. Students may find themselves bidding in the thousands just for the fun of outbidding their friends!

Each Package Contains:
















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Product Details:

Media: Music Games & Accessories
Level or Grade: 1
Series: Home School Suggestions
Stocking Stuffers
TCW Teacher Tools

Edition Number: TW540 / Price: $7.95

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