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three Steps to a Better Jazz Program
Standard of Excellence Jazz Covers

1. Adopt a Complete Curriculum.

In rehearsal, every minute counts. That’s why you should have a plan to make sure you seize every teaching opportunity. The clear and comprehensive lessons in the STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE JAZZ ENSEMBLE METHODS will give your students a solid foundation in rhythm, improvisation, and ear training. Each method contains 13 performance length jazz charts reinforcing concepts and covering the main jazz styles of swing, Latin, and rock. Review the FREE copies of these two methods included in your packet by listening to the CDs included in each book.

Jazz Combo Session

2. Start a Student Jazz Combo (or five).

One of the best ways for students to dig into jazz is to participate in a combo. Students will learn form, style, musicality, and will have ample opportunities for improvisation. STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE JAZZ COMBO SESSION is a collection of 11 tunes arranged for jazz combo. This book utilizes Kjos Multiple Option Scoring so that you can use any combination of players, from a solo with rhythm section to a string orchestra with rhythm section. Books are available for all woodwind, brass, string, and rhythm section instruments. For more information, listen to Dean Sorenson’s FREE AUDIO CLINIC online at www.kjos.com/jcs.

Kjos Jazz Literature

3. Select Quality Literature.

With the latest jazz packages from Kjos, you will discover top-notch jazz charts by Dean Sorenson, Jim Cifelli, Ethan Freier, David Singley, Brad Ciechomski, and Craig Skeffington. Featuring fully realized rhythm section parts, scales for improvisation, and representing a wide variety of jazz styles, these pieces will not only inspire, they will educate! Hear for yourself: listen to full recordings of these new charts on the “Kjos Jazz” CD included in your packet.

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Jazz Methods and New Jazz Charts

Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method

by Bruce Pearson and Dean Sorenson

The Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method is designed to help both you and your jazz ensemble students explore the world of jazz through easy-to-use Rhythm Studies, Improvisation Studies, Instrument Specific Exercises, and full ensemble jazz charts. The approach is non-theoretical and aurally based. Each part book comes with an accompaniment CD, so like every great jazz player throughout history, students learn to play jazz by listening!

Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method:

Standard of Excellence ADVANCED Jazz Ensemble Method

by Dean Sorenson and Bruce Pearson

SOE Adv. Jazz Ensemble Method continues the successful jazz instruction presented in the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method.

The Standard of Excellence ADVANCED Jazz Ensemble Method continues the successful jazz instruction presented in the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method. Designed as a comprehensive jazz course for group and individual study, it can be used by students who have completed the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method, or any students with intermediate-level instrumental skills and at least one year of jazz ensemble experience.

Building upon the rhythm-centered pedagogy introduced in the first book, the ADVANCED method focuses on improvisation. Concepts introduced and reinforced in IMPROVISATION STUDIES and ADVANCED IMPROVISATION STUDIES are applied in charts designed to be played by the full jazz ensemble.

Directors will find the Director's Score to be an invaluable resource of jazz pedagogy. Parts available for flute, clarinet, French horn, and tuba ensure that the study of improvisation is also accessible to students of non-traditional jazz instruments.

Standard of Excellence ADVANCED Jazz Ensemble Method:

Standard of Excellence Jazz Combo Session

by Dean Sorenson

Standard of Excellence Jazz Combo Session is a collection of jazz compositions that can be played in w wide variety of ‘combo' settings, with a combination of instruments, including both wind and string players!

Finally, a flexible collection of pieces that cut to the core of the jazz experience – playing in a combo!

Designed for students who have completed Book 2 of a comprehensive method for their particular instrument. No Jazz Theory or previous jazz experience necessary Each tune written with a ‘head-solo-head form, just like professional jazz combo music! Includes parts for all woodwind, brass, and string instruments, in addition to guitar, piano, bass, drums, and vibes Unsurpased flexibility. Kjos Multiple Option Scoring allows tunes to be played a solos, duets, trios, or quartets, as well as by traditional jazz combos, concert bands, string or full orchestras, or any size ensemble! Expanded rhythm section books include an Accompaniment part and a Melody/Harmony part. JAZZ ARTICULATION/NOTATION GLOSSARY in each part. Play-along ACCOMPANIMENT CD in each student book, recorded by professional jazz musicians, includes a mix with rhythm section accompaniment featuring solo trumpet playing the melody & solo sax playing the harmony. A second mix then features rhythm section accompaniment only so the student can play along. Great for intermediate students to sharpen their improvisation and performance skills!

Check out Dean Sorenson's audio clinics in the top right hand corner of this page to hear more about how this collection can be used in your program!

Kjos Multiple Option Scoring

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