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Latin American Choral Series

by Oscar Escalada

Selected by Oscar Escalada

The Latin American Choral Series brings the exciting sounds of Latin America to choirs throughout the world. Selected by Oscar Escalada, the series includes a tremendous variety of styles ranging from the first polyphonic music composed in the New World, to traditional folksongs, tantalizing tangos, love songs, original compositions, and a mass.

Sample Pages
9062 - Reminiscence (Sample Page) 6338 - Guachi Torito (Sample Page)
6353 - Libertango (SSA) (Sample Page) 9085 - Oblivion (Sample Page)
5764 - Tonada Y Cueca (Sample Page) 6243 - Mudanzas (Sample Page)
Show all 32 sample pages
Audio Files
5764 - Tonada Y Cueca (Sample Recording)
6267 - Pueblito, Mi Pueblo (Sample Recording)
8758 - Manchai Puito (Sample Recording)
8774 - Verano Porteno (Sample Recording)
8786 - Hanacpachap (Sample Recording)
8788 - Se Equivoco La Paloma (Sample Recording)
8803 - La Doble (Sample Recording)
8804 - Santafecino De Veras (Sample Recording)
8898 - Milonguera (Sample Recording)
8900 - Estrellita Del Sur (Sample Recording)
8911 - Gala Del Dia (Sample Recording)
8912 - Quien Fuera Como El Jazmin (Sample Recording)
8913 - Chanarcito, Chanarcito (Sample Recording)
8914 - Viento Norte (Sample Recording)
8915 - Al Tribunal De Tu Pecho (Sample Recording)
8916 - Una De Dos (Sample Recording)
8929 - Libertango (Sample Recording)
8943 - Primavera Portena (Sample Recording)
9844 - Invierno Porteno (Sample Recording)
8945 - Otono Porteno (Sample Recording)
9062 - Reminiscence (Sample Recording)
6338 - Guachi Torito (Sample Recording)
6353 - Libertango (SSA) (Sample Recording)
9085 - Oblivion (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Kyrie (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Gloria (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Credo (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Sanctus (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Benedictus (Sample Recording)
8892 - Misa Caribena - Agnus Dei (Sample Recording)
Hanacpachap (Sample Recording)
Estrellita del Sur (Sample Recording)
Manchai Puito (Sample Recording)
Tonada y Cueca (Sample Recording)
La Doble (Sample Recording)
Pueblito Mi Pueblo (Sample Recording)
Verano Porteno (Sample Recording)
La Chaparrita (Sample Recording)
La Chaparrita (Sample Recording)
Se Equivoco La Paloma (Sample Recording)
Santafecino de Veras (Sample Recording)
Milonguera (Sample Recording)
8950 - Mudanzas (Sample Recording)
8989 - Pala-Pala (Sample Recording)
8802 - Candomble (Sample Recording)
9111 - Por Una Cabeza - (Sample Recording)
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Latin American Choral Series:

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