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Siebenhüner Full Orchestra

by Alfred Pförtner

Easy Arrangements for Full Orchestra

Joh. Siebenhüner Musikverlag presents a library of easy classics expertly arranged for full orchestra by Alfred Pförtner. 35 selections range in grade from 2 to 3½. Special considerations have been taken in all parts to ensure playability by less advanced musicians. All pieces are flexibly scored so that they can be played by both full ensembles, and smaller groups of varied instrumentation. Great material for student or community groups, and sure to be a hit with every audience!

Perfect for School and Community Orchestras!

  • Most of the pieces have been shortened and adapted to suit school and amateur orchestras.
  • There is a full score for most editions.
  • All parts are provided with rehearsal numbers to make rehearsals easier.
  • Metronome suggestions are merely guidelines.
  • All pieces are also playable in smaller groups (such as violin and piano!).
  • If French horns and violas are available the pieces do not need a piano accompaniment.
  • Exact bowings are provided for the strings.
  • The parts for 1st violin extend as far as the third position. Only in a few individual cases do they range as far as the 5th position, and in such cases these notes are always given in the lower octave, too.
  • The 2nd violin parts usually remain in the 1st position. Whenever they go up to the 3rd position the notes are also provided in the lower octave.
  • The parts for cello, which were usually in the tenor or alto clef, have been written in bass clef.
  • For woodwind and brass parts special attention has been paid to using a range suitable for students and amateurs.
  • The parts for A-clarinets are often easier and more pleasant to play in many of the pieces. However parts for Bb -clarinets are included for each piece.
  • For bassoons and trombones original tenor or alto clef parts have been transposed into bass clef.
  • Piano parts have been arranged so that they can be played by a good student or amateur.
Sample Pages
JS27002 - Feuerfest - Polka Francaise (Sample Page) JS27003 - Invitation to the Dance (Sample Pages)
JS27004 - Turkish March (Sample Pages) JS27005 - Persian March (Sample Pages)
JS27006 - Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Sample Page) JS2007 - Hungarian Dance No. 6 (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
JS27002 - Feuerfest - Polka Francaise (Sample Recording)
JS27003 - Invitation to the Dance (Sample Recording)
JS27004 - Turkish March (Sample Recording)
JS27005 - Persian March (Sample Recording)
JS27006 - Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Sample Recording)
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Siebenhüner Full Orchestra:

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