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String Basics

Featuring music by: Terry Shade, Jeremy Woolstenhulme and Wendy Barden

“Methods for beginning string classes abound. String Basics really is different…Without a computer and the internet, this method is good. With access to computers and internet service this method is amazing and is a benchmark in classroom string education.”

Renata Bratt, Allthingsstrings.com
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“This attractively packaged method for beginning orchestra is both colorful to look at and contains excellent materials for teaching a first-year heterogeneous ensemble…
String Basics provides teachers, both experienced and new, a refreshing approach to string instruction.”

J.K., American String Teacher

String Basics: Steps to Success for String Orchestra is a comprehensive method for beginning string classes. Utilizing technical exercises, music from around the world, classical themes by the masters, and original compositions, students will learn to play their string instruments in an orchestra. Step-by-step sequences of instruction will prove invaluable as students learn to hold their instrument and bow, finger new notes, count different rhythms, read music notation, and more.

Clear, full-color photographs and fingering chart diagrams introduce playing positions, bow hold and bowing, and left hand finger patterns.

Duets, rounds, trios, and orchestra arrangements develop student's ability to play in an ensemble setting right away. Duets are designed to strengthen ear training and establishing good information.

Interactive Practice Studio is a unique and trendsetting downloadable resource containing a wealth of supporting biographical, historical, and cultural information; photos, maps, artwork, audio samples, video and more. It's designed with your students in mind. Fun - Inspiring - Motivating!

Video Lessons offer students and teachers a comprehensive, step-by-step look at concepts taught throughout String Basics. Lessons are taught in a middle school classroom setting by authors Shade and Wolstenhulme. Lessons show special consideration for each instrument and one lesson is specially devoted to shifting for the bass.

Theory & Composition offers students hands-on experiences to better understand what they see and hear by actually learning to notate music and compose simple melodic lines.

The Teacher's Edition provides successful teaching strategies as they pertain to the material introduced throughout String Basics. The Strategies are divided into two categories: Performance and Musical Understanding. Through them, guidelines and guide- posts assist towards giving students a comprehensive experience in orchestra. Also available to teachers is the Interactive Teacher's studio, offering even more helpful tips and strategies. List of participating dealers

Sample Pages
115CO - String Basics - Book 1 - Cello - (Sample Page) 115SB - String Basics - Book 1 - String Bass - (Sample Page)
115VA - String Basics - Book 1 - Viola - (Sample Page) 115VN - String Basics - Book 1 - Violin - (Sample Page)
115F - String Basics - Book 1 - Teacher's Edition - (Sample Page) 115PA - String Basics - Book 1 - Piano Accompaniment - (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
SO336 - Steps to Successful Literature - Into the Dragon's Den (Sample Recording)
SO342 - Steps to Successful Literature - Rain Festival (Sample Recording)
SO343 - Steps to Successful Literature - Maiden's Rescue (Sample Recording)
SO359C - Balloons (Sample Recording)
SO352C - Baroque Minuet, BWV841 (Sample Recording)
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Video Files
115 - String Basics - Book 1 - (Sample Video Lesson # 5)
115 - String Basics - Book 1 - (Sample Video Lesson # 8)
115 - String Basics - Book 1 - (Sample Skills Demonstration Concert)
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String Basics:

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New Methods & Collections:

Basic Music Theory and History for Strings

String Basics First Performance Ensembles Book 1

String Tracks XXVII



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