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Standard of Excellence Jazz in Concert

Energize your jazz musicians with Jazz In Concert! Correlated with the Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method and the Standard of Excellence Advanced Jazz Ensemble Method, these carefully-selected charts will instill in your students a lifetime love of jazz.

All charts include written solos, and more recent releases also include Solo Practice Tracks that allow students to practice along with a recorded rhythm section. If students wish to improvise (which we encourage them to do!), each solo section can be approached by using a single scale for all of the chord changes. In the case of the SOE Advanced Jazz Ensemble Method correlated charts, soloists may use a single scale, or "play the changes" by using the different scales provided for the different changes. Students and Directors are encouraged to choose the approach that works best for them!

Rhythm Studies, that help students and ensembles learn proper phrasing and articulation, are also included with every chart in the series.

Brass ranges are moderate, with lead trumpet rarely going above a written G; if the occasional written A does appear, a lower alternative is offered. Lead trombone range is similar. Rhythm section parts are completely written out, including chord changes, written bass lines, piano voicings and comping rhythms, and drum grooves and also some occasional drum fills on the very easy pieces. A voicing sheet for guitar is also included with every chart.

The series is written to feature a variety of styles, tempos, and improvisation lessons. Full director scores, including rehearsal suggestions, director tips, and activities for excellence are another feature of this series. All charts are scored for standard instrumentation (5/4/4/4) but will sound full with 2 Altos, 1 Tenor, 2 Trumpets, 1 Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums. Parts for flute, clarinet, F horn, and vibes/auxiliary percussion are also included.
Sample Pages
ZB353 - Baggy Pants Blues (Sample Page) JZB355 - El Gato (Sample Page)
ZB354 - Greasy Flat Blues (Sample Page) ZB356 - Tropical Sunrise (Sample Page)
ZB357 - Bad Hair Day (Sample Page) WB358 - Vertical Vision (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
ZB353 - Baggy Pants Blues (Sample Recording)
Jzb355 - El Gato (Sample Recording)
ZB354 - Greasy Flat Blues (Sample Recording)
ZB356 - Tropical Sunrise (Sample Recording)
ZB357 - Bad Hair Day (Sample Recording)
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Standard of Excellence Jazz in Concert:

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