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Jim Cifelli Meet Jim Cifelli
Jim Cifelli (b. 1961) has been a trumpeter, composer, and educator ...more

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Jazz Ensemble Signature Series

Exciting New Literature for Intermediate Jazz Bands

Outstanding Charts for Jazz Ensemble Grades 3-6!

Sample Pages
JZB359 - Groove Machine (Sample Page) JZB362 - Gato del Sol (Sample Page)
JZB363 - Blue Mambo (Sample Page) ZB360 - One for Winette (Sample Page)
ZB364 - Using the Force (Sample Page) ZB365 - Cruisin' the Back Bay (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
JZB349 - Remembrance (Sample Recording)
ZB307 - East Avenue Stroll (Sample Recording)
ZB308 - When The Saints Go Marchin In (Sample Recording)
ZB309 - Loch Ness Monster (Sample Recording)
ZB315 - Quinto (Sample Recording)
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Jazz Ensemble Signature Series:

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