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First Place for Jazz Charts

All charts in the First Place for Jazz series feature flexible instrumentation. They can be performed by the full jazz ensemble, or will sound full and complete with as few as nine players: 1st and 2nd Alto Saxophone, 1st Tenor Saxophone, 1st and 2nd Trumpet, 1st Trombone, Piano, Bass, and Drums. Parts are also included for Flute, Clarinet, F Horn, Tuba, and Baritone T.C. For additional audio/video samples, please click here!
Sample Pages
ZB435 - Samba Norte (Sample Score) ZB436 - So What's Up? (Sample Score)
ZB437 - Grooved Pavement Ahead (Sample Score) ZB438 - Second to None (Sample Score)
ZB425 - Big Sky - Set - (Sample Page) ZB427 - Danza Para mi Hija - Set - (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
ZB425 - Big Sky - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB427 - Danza Para mi Hija - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB423 - Deep Pockets - Set - (Sample Recording)
JZB426 - Jump Down Turn Around - Set - (Sample Recording)
JZB424 - Low Down Dirty Dog Blues - Set - (Sample Recording)
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First Place for Jazz Charts:

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audio available for this title
Deep Pockets
Big Sky
Jump Down Turn Around
Danza para Mi Hija
Low Down Dirty Dog Blues
Pepperoni Blues

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First Place for Jazz Charts

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