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Kjos FlexJazz Charts

The Kjos FlexJazz Series includes charts that allow everyone get into the game. Scored at a grade 1 level, these pieces are playable by virtually any combination of instruments. Solo sections are completely flexible and included suggested solos as well as solo scales. All rhythm section parts are completely notated. If you have an uneven or uncertain instrumentation, this is the series for you. Parts included for standard jazz ensemble instruments as well as flute, clarinet, F horn, tuba, vibes, and auxiliary percussion.

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Sample Pages
ZB439 - Lakeside Breeze (Sample Score) ZB440 - FIrst Ride (Sample Score)
ZB441 - Yonkers is Calling (Sample Score) ZB442 - Fool Me Once (Sample Score)
ZB444F Blues Testing (Sample Score) ZB446C Chin Music (Sample Score)
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Audio Files
ZB431 - Flat Tire Shuffle - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB428 - Hazel Takes a Stroll - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB429 - Pepperoni Blues - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB430 - Squeeze on the Knees - Set - (Sample Recording)
ZB432 - Grabbin' Some Air - Set - (Sample Recording)
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Kjos FlexJazz Charts:

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audio available for this title
Hazel Takes a Stroll
Grabbin' Some Air
Flat Tire Shuffle
Squeeze on the Knees

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Kjos FlexJazz Charts



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