Explorations In Music, Book 2

Composed by Joanne Haroutounian


A comprehensive music theory curriculum that extends from primary to advanced levels and uses ear training, analysis, and composition to "creatively" teach concepts of music theory..


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Here's how it works... • Students explore and discover new concepts. • Each concept is used in a variety of ways including opportunities for creativity • Creative experimentation encourages students to compose. • Listening examples are interwoven throughout the book and presented on cassette tape or CD recording. Students make the "eye and ear" connections with the score. • CDs or Cassette tapes are provided to allow listening to be done outside of lesson time -- at home or in theory classes. • Explore sections allow students to analyze the musical score with "eye and ear" and work creatively with musical ideas. • Explore Bonus sections offer the curious student a challenge, providing motivation to work beyond what is already presented. • Beyond the Page sections offer opportunities to link the student's current repertoire directly to the concepts developed in Explorations In Music. • A Teacher's Guide is correlated to each student book, providing many extra creative activities and assignments. The complete student page appears with hand-written answers to help parents, teachers or students easily correct theory pages. Book 2.
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