Recorder Excellence - Student Book (Book Only)

Recorder Excellence - Student Book (Book Only)

The Complete System for Building a Solid Musical Foundation while Learning to Play the Recorder!

RECORDER EXCELLENCE is not just another recorder method. It’s a complete full-color student-friendly music curriculum, offering standards-based music study, replacing the need for costly “hard cover” textbooks.


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Every student is unique, and every school music program has different needs. To give students, teachers, and parents maximum flexibility and page-for-page value, RECORDER EXCELLENCE is divided into two parts:

  • Part One - covers core skills, and is perfect for general music recorder units that are part of a larger curriculum.
  • Part Two - expands on basic skills and gives teachers the opportunity to use the recorder as the core of one to two years of general music study. The expanded scope offered by Part Two also makes RECORDER EXCELLENCE ideal for more serious students.

    RECORDER EXCELLENCEis the text guaranteed to ensure students a successful and enjoyable introduction to music and performing on the recorder. The Book Only version includes all written material and worksheets, and can be used in classrooms or for private study with superlative results.

    Have the Book Only version, but want the Enhanced CD, DVD, and IPAS Practice and Assessment System software?  No problem.  The Upgrade Kit (W52UK) is the perfect complement.

    "Everyone—at all ages—should receive the gift of music, for it enriches the soul and exalts the human spirit. In RECORDER EXCELLENCE, students learn to play an instrument, and so much more. At school or at home, in class or just for fun, they travel the road to excellence and come to understand music and its place in our World’s diverse history, all while experiencing the joys of singing, composing, improvising, and performing. Join us on this amazing journey!" — Bruce Pearson & Wendy Barden

    Also available is the awesome three-piece Kjos Recorder. Teachers, parents, and students will love this exceptional instrument: it looks great, plays great, and will help ensure a successful music experience. The Kjos Instrument Microphone for use with iPAS is rugged and practical – and an exceptional value. Rounding out the current RECORDER EXCELLENCE product line is new concert band and string orchestra literature correlated with RECORDER EXCELLENCE. These unique selections help the recorder to serve as the perfect entrée into band and string programs.

    The family of RECORDER EXCELLENCE products gives teachers, parents, and beginning musicians just the tools they need to launch a lifetime of musical enjoyment and learning.