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Nancy Telfer

Nancy TelferNancy Telfer is a Canadian composer who has been a choral clinician and guest conductor for many provincial, national, and state organizations throughout Canada and the United States. For many years she has presented workshops on vocal production to both choral conductors and singers.

Since 1979 Telfer has composed over 300 works for choirs, soloists, chamber ensembles, orchestras, bands, and pianists; many of which are published in Canada and the United States. Her music ranges from beginning to virtuoso levels and she has been commissioned to compose music for many fine performers. She believes that all music should delight the ears, capture the imagination of the mind, and feed the soul. Successful Sight-Singing, Books 1 & 2 and Successful Warmups, Books 1 & 2 (published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company), her reputable method books for singers, choirs, and vocal classes, provide innovative systematic teaching materials for sight-singing and every aspect of good vocal production. Her more recent publications, Singing In Tune and Singing High Pitches with Ease, focus on strategies and solutions for conductors, conductors-in-training, and voice teachers. Nancy Telfer's newest book, Successful Performing, focuses on ideas to ensure an outstanding choral performance.

Series by Nancy Telfer (4)

Publications by Nancy Telfer (64)

The first 50 matches are listed below

Advent Song (Telfer) - GC186 / $0.95
Agnus Dei (Telfer) - 8736 / $1.85audio available for this title
Amarilli, Mia Bella (Telfer) - 6255 / $1.30
Bay Dooka (Telfer) - 8727 / $1.40audio available for this title
Benedictus (Telfer) - 8730 / $1.40audio available for this title
Cast Your Burden Upon The Lord (Telfer) - 8738 / $0.95audio available for this title
Celebration (Telfer) - 8743 / $1.25audio available for this title
Clair De Lune (Telfer) - 6251 / $1.10audio available for this title
Covenant, The (Telfer) - 8805 / $1.50
Coventry Carol (Telfer) - 6256 / $1.75sample available for this title
Dieu! QuIl La Fait Bon Regarder! (Telfer) - 8757 / $1.40audio available for this title
Evening (Telfer) - 8796 / $1.10audio available for this title
Explosion (Telfer) - 8732 / $1.85audio available for this title
First Snow (Telfer) - 6259 / $1.40
Garden Creatures (Telfer) - WP502 / $6.45Table of Contents available for this title
ISe The BY (Telfer) - 6224 / $1.95audio available for this title
Jubilate Deo (Telfer) - GC182 / $1.10
Ketsele, Shtil (Telfer) - 6265 / $1.25
Kyrie (Telfer) - 8729 / $1.95audio available for this title
Laudate Dominum (Telfer) - 8731 / $1.60audio available for this title
Les Papillions (The Butterflies) (Telfer) - 6249 / $1.10audio available for this title
Magi, The (Telfer) - GC181 / $0.80
Magnify (Telfer) - 8733 / $1.10audio available for this title
Mary's Song (Telfer) - 6223 / $1.25audio available for this title
Missa Brevis For Mixed Chorus (Telfer) - 8760 / $2.75audio available for this title
Morning (Telfer) - 8795 / $1.25audio available for this title
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Telfer) - 5758 / $1.40audio available for this titlesample available for this title
O Great Mystery (Telfer) - 6229 / $1.10audio available for this title
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, The (Telfer) - 6226 / $1.60audio available for this title
Rackety Brackety (Telfer) - 8726 / $1.25audio available for this title
Sanctus (From Messe Basse) (Telfer) - 6228 / $1.10audio available for this title
Sea Life (Telfer) - WP500 / $6.45Table of Contents available for this title
Sidewalk Game (Telfer) - 8728 / $1.10audio available for this title
Silent Night (Telfer) - 8741 / $1.95audio available for this titlesample available for this title
Singing High Pitches With Ease (Telfer) - VM4 / $9.95
Singing In Tune (Telfer) - V88 / $9.95
Songs For The Wedding Day, High Voice (Telfer) - V85H / $10.95
Songs For The Wedding Day, Low Voice (Telfer) - V85L / $10.95
Stress (Telfer) - 8734 / $1.40audio available for this title
Successful Performing, Book 1 - Singer's Edition (Telfer) - VM6S / $7.95
Successful Performing, Book 1 Conductor's Edition (Telfer) - VM6T / $24.95
Successful Performing, Book 2 - Conductor's Edition (Telfer) - VM7T / $24.95
Successful Performing, Book 2 - Singer's Edition (Telfer) - VM7S / $7.95
Successful Sight-Singing, Bk 1 - Vocal Edition (Telfer) - V77S / $7.95
Successful Sight-Singing, Bk1 - Teacher's Ed. (Telfer) - V77T / $24.95
Successful Sight-Singing, Bk2 - Teacher's Ed. (Telfer) - V82T / $24.95
Successful Sight-Singing, Bk2 - Vocal Edition (Telfer) - V82S / $7.95
Successful Warmups, Book 1 - Conductor's Edition (Telfer) - V83T / $29.95
Successful Warmups, Book 1 - Singer's Edition (Telfer) - V83S / $7.95
Successful Warmups, Book 2 - Conductor's Edition (Telfer) - V84T / $24.95

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