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Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course - Primer A

Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course - Primer A

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Primer A

Introduction to the Entire Piano Keyboard

Pre-staff notation:

• Single-line black and white key pieces

• Multiple hand placements, including Middle C and C 5-finger positions

• Quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes; quarter and half rests

• 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures

• p, mp, mf and f dynamics

• Steps, skips, and repeats



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American Music Teacher Magazine (MTNA) April 2017
"As one who has regularly used Bastien Piano Basics for my beginning piano students for years, I was eager to look at the Bastien New Traditions, All in One Piano Course by Lisa, Lori and Jane Bastien. It's an all-in-one method book for beginning piano study, intended for students age 6 and older, and as fond as I am of the previous method, I think that this one is even better ­and in significant ways.

All-in-one: I've never liked needing four or five books to get all the materials for a given level of a method book I choose, so the all-­in-one approach really appeals to me. Having lessons, theory, technique and performance in one book makes it easier for the student, and frankly, the teacher, too.

Primer Level: Here, the Bastiens have really hit on something, as they give the teacher two options: Primer A is entirely pre-reading, while Primer B begins immediately with notation, thus allowing the teacher to choose.

Quality of the Music: I'm already using this new method with two of my students, and simply put­–they love the pieces! There is a nice mixture of traditional and classical tunes, as well as original pieces by the Bastiens that are very pleasant to hear.

General look of the method: This is an extremely handsome method that looks terrific on the page; it's uncluttered, with room to write practice directions for the student, and the size and clarity of the notes and text is just right.

Graphics: We all know how important graphics are for children, and the graphics in this method are charming and will likely inspire the imagination of young students. I encourage you to try this new method and see if you and your students like it as much as I do!"
Overall Rating
Review by James Litzelman, NCTM, Catholic Univ. of America / (Posted on 2/21/2018)