Composed by Chuck Elledge


Adelante! Adelante! is dedicated to Ida Steadman and the orchestra students of El Paso, Texas.


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  • Edition Number: GSO29F
  • Publication Date: 0095
  • Media Type: Music Books
  • Repertoire: Scores
  • Level/Grade: 5
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The composition was premiered by the Coronado High School Orchestra at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 21, 1993.  It was commissioned by Ms. Steadman to commemorate the quincentennial celebration of Christopher Cloumbus' first voyage to the New World.  While the composer sought inspiration from this famed event, he felt that it would be better that the piece not be directed at this "once in a century" celebration, only to be overlooked at year's end.  Thus, while the work recalls the explorations of Columbus, it concurrently pays tribute to all those who have dedicated their lives to exploration and discovery throughout history.