Standard of Excellence: Festival Solos Book 1 Products


Standard of Excellence: Festival Solos Book 1


Festival Solos, Book 1, is a collection of solo literature perfect for contests, festivals, concerts, and private study. Each of the 15 instrumental part books comes with an instrument-specific CD containing a demonstration recording with piano accompaniment for each solo, plus a play-along accompaniment-only track. Program notes for each solo are included in each book, and a Piano Accompaniment book is available separately for performance or practice with a live accompanis. Since each instrumental part book includes the same titles, all solos can be rehearsed in a group situation as well as individually, saving valuable teaching time for classroom band directors!

*All solos in the series are authorized for duplication to meet specific requirements for festivals, contests, and competitions provided they are destroyed after the event.

Also available: Festival Solos, Book 2

Introduction CD Track - 1
Tuning Note CD Track - 2
Melody (Albert Biehl) CD Track - 3/4
Springtime Waltz (Franz Behr) CD Track - 5/6
March From "Scipio" (George Frideric Handel) CD Track - 7/8
Menuett (Johann Philipp Kirnberger) CD Track - 9/10
Wooden Shoe Dance (Victor Herbert) CD Track - 11/12
Cavatina (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) CD Track - 13/14
Capriccio (Daniel Turk) CD Track - 15/16
Dance Song (Sperontes) CD Track - 17/18
Bagatelle (Anton Diabelli) CD Track - 19/20
Country Dance (Ludwig van Beethoven) CD Track - 21/22
Serenade From "Don Giovanni" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) CD Track - 23/24
Concert Etude (Henri Lemoine) CD Track - 25/26
St. Anthony Chorale And Rondo (Franz Joseph Haydn) CD Track - 27/28
Minueto (Ludwig van Beethoven) CD Track - 29/30
Country Gardens (Traditional English Folk Song) CD Track - 31/32
Scales Studies N/A
Program Notes N/A
Conclusion CD Track - 33



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