Bastien Student Boosters

Composed by Jane Bastien


For years, Jane Smisor Bastien has used these items as motivational tools in her own studio, and she frequently cites them as factors in her own teaching success. Bring some of Jane's successes into your own studio.


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The One-Minute Club, used in conjunction with Bastien Music Flashcards (not included) is an incentive for students to learn notes on the staff. Students who identify a predetermined number within one minute receive a club membership card. 16 cards included, with space for a student photo. The Reader of the Week calendar is used to promote good sight reading. Ideal for use with A Line A Day Sight Reading or Sight Reading. Designated students sign their name to the calendar, which hangs for all to see! The Around the World of Scales wall chart gives students an opportunity to record their progress in learning new scales. The Practice Makes Perfect wall chart creates an incentive to practice by allowing the teacher and student to indicate when students achieve their practice goals.