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Intel Education Study eBooks Products

Platform and tools to make content come alive in the classroom!

Kno™ products make it easy to effectively integrate meaningful technology solutions across platforms that drive teacher performance, student engagement, and learning success in the classroom.


The Kno App enhances instruction and the learning experience by bringing textbooks and methods to life with over 70 interactive features that drive student engagement, learning, and success. Students can now highlight, take notes, and search -- all within the book. They can also listen to audio, watch videos, access web links, and share notes with teachers or each other -- all at the point of learning.

Kno offers a consistent eBook experience across all major digital operating systems and helps teachers integrate technology in the classroom


Multiplatform availability for 1:1 or bring your own device (BYOD)
Tools to share notes and highlighted text
Personalized study guides
Behavior analytics
Engaging content, including web, video, audio, and 3-D links with select textbooks

For more information on what Kno has to offer, click here.

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