Classics à la Carte! is a suite of classical compositions for piano and beginning strings written using the same format as the successful Ready, Set, Swing! Designed forstudents in their very earliest months of instruction, this innovative collection ims to provide young players with a positive and rewarding experience performing as an orchestra. In their role as accompanists to the piano, students will get to take part in a real music-making experience while being introduced to the styles, beauty, and themes from some of classical music's rich heritage. The selections found in this suite will enable your students to step onstage for the first time and give a performance that is full energy and panache!

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All string parts are written in rhythmic unison and use rhythms typically introduced to beginning students. The first three selections only use open strings, and the remaining selections include "E" and "F#" on the D string (see chart below). Pizzicato is used to add variety to some selections. All of the melodies and harmonies have been carefully analyzed to insure fidelity to the original.