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Classroom Management in the Music Room: “Pin-Drop Quiet” Classes and Rehearsals

Classroom Management in the Music Room: “Pin-Drop Quiet” Classes and Rehearsals


  • This management program is the Epitome of Simplicity: Simple to Teach, Simple to Learn, and Simple to Administer.
  • Instead of TEACHER-centered discipline and control, this book promotes STUDENT-centered SELF-discipline and SELF-control.
  • The responsibility for behavior in this program is precisely where it belongs -- squarely on the shoulders of the students.
  • Yelling is counter-productive. Things said softly register most loudly on the student brain. The teacher sets the climate in the classroom.
  • It's not the SEVERITY of a consequence that deters poor behavior: It's the CERTAINTY of it! The stated consequence MUST happen!
  • The words "please" and "thank you" should never be used in a management situation. Good manners? -- Yes! Politely asking students to behave? -- No!
  • Reward Programs: The good and the not-so-good.
  • Competition in Performing Ensembles: The good and the not-so-good.
  • Proximity: Both a Management and a Musical tool.
  • Students' classroom time should be filled with MUSIC: "More Music -- Less Teacher Talk -- Everyday!"
  • Students deserve to have a musically satisfying experience every time they are in our classrooms.
  • MUSIC takes over the MANAGEMENT in the classroom.
  • Great music teaching comes with a built-in side benefit—great discipline.
  • A close look at the well-managed and well-planned, aesthetically-driven class or rehearsal.
  • Grading in music classes: Its relationship to Behavior and to Improved Performance
  • Looking at the Music Performance Class as a Community
  • MANAGEMENT through MUSIC: What could be better?