Composed by Deborah Baker Monday


Hurricane Heroes tells a tale of brave sailors against the backdrop of a treacherous hurricane. We begin as they encounter lightning and waves swelling in the dark sea. The theme at m. 9 represents these heroes as they cut through the rough waters, their mission to follow the storm and help those in its aftermath. Maneuvering around the storm calls for the mightiest sailing skills, and the heroes prove their worth at every turn.

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  • Edition Number: SO297F
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Level/Grade: 2
  • Media Type: Music Books
  • Repertoire: Scores
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At m. 43, the sun peeks through the clouds and a temporary moment of calm allows for a shore landing. The heroes have a moment to observe the spirit of the island people as they provide much needed supplies. Pleasant sounds can be heard as survivors begin to celebrate with optimism. But a few streaks of lightning in the distance remind the heroes that they must return to the sea. The adventure continues to a strong conclusion as they once again set sail to protect people from the storms. Hooray for the Hurricane Heroes!Â