Composed by John Edmondson


The percussion part is more of a Latin style rumba beat or beguine rhythmic accompaniment. It is suggested that if extra players are available, they may be added playing their typical Latin patterns. They would include maracas, guiro or scratcher, claves, cowbell and other similar Latin instruments - the more the merrier. If this device is added, players should rest at the same times and in the same places as the written percussion part indicates.


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  • Edition Number: Q883177
  • Publication Date: 0016
  • UPC: 8402704780
  • Level/Grade: 2
  • Media Type: Music Books
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There is one tempo throughout, and few, but critical, dynamic indications. The entire band shouting on the last beat, instead of the written unison note, is another possibility. The piece is designed to teach scale runs, both tongued and slurred, using accurate fingering with precise timing, so that the runs are not rushed or dragged. But, above all, have fun playing this piece.

Duration: 4:00