Composed by Richard Edstrom


Use this innovative teaching aid with your upper junior high or senior high choirs and watch their music reading skills improve - fast!

 Written for both experienced singers and those with no prior musical knowledge, The Independent Singer contains original graded sight-reading exercises that build skills while at the same time making sure none of the basics have been missed.



Complete Kit Contains:

1. Teacher's Manual to assist in developing music-reading skills in upper junior high and senior high school choirs.

2. Includes loose student pages of original material,graded and structured to give the basics in a non-patronizing manner. Designed to use three exercises (about 5 minutes) per lesson to make presentation brief, consistent and progressive.

3. Purchase of kit automatically gives permission to reproduce student pages in any quantity desired.

  • Edition Number: C7834
  • ISBN 10 digit: 084974850X
  • Publication Date: 0078
  • Level/Grade: 1
  • Media Type: Music Books