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Into the Dragon's Den


Into the Dragon's Den focuses on playing F-sharps and F-naturals, and helps students become more comfortable with 2-note slurs. The piece centers around E minor, offering the perfect mood for the subject: confronting difficult things and handling fear. As Mr. Brown mentions in his program notes, "Like the brave knight [heading into the dragon's den], beginning string students have to venture into the dark unknown to confront F-natural." Approx. time - 2:30

Steps to Successful Literature presents exceptional performance pieces - concert and festival works for beginning to intermediate string orchestras. Each piece is correlated with a specific location in String Basics™ Books 1 or 2. Literature reinforces musical skills, concepts, and terms introduced in the method. Sometimes, a few new concepts are included and are officially introduced and defined in the score and parts. Each string orchestra work offers extended learning opportunities and briefly taps into one or more elements related to common core state standards.