Composed by Traditional & Folk Songs

Arranged by Robert S. Frost


Robert Frost's arrangement of Jolly Old St. Nick is a unique interpretation of the familiar American carol. The carol is first performed in the traditional manner with chordal accompaniment.


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Next, the melody is played pizzicato, which in itself is not that unusual. The fun lies in the violin and viola sections tossing the melody back and forth note by note. The pizzicato should have a ringing tone quality to achieve this, students should pluck the string using the "fleshy" part of their index finger and avoid letting thier fingernail hit the string.  In addition, it is essential to maintain a steady tempo.  Finally, the melody is heald in the cello and string bass sections, with an added surprise.  It is accompanied by the German fold song, "Lightly Row." In this section, it is importanto to terrace the dynamics so the folk song accompaniment is head, but the melody of the carol is prominent.