Composed by Oscar Escalada


The malambo is an Argentinean gaucho dance. It is performed only by men. The gauchos were of mixed Spanish and Indian heritage. They worked as cattle herders and are still celebrated by stories and songs because they were the heroes of the Pampas, the grassy plains around Buenos Aires.


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  • Edition Number: 6243
  • Publication Date: 0096
  • Media Type: Choral Octavos
  • Level/Grade: 4.5
  • Choral / Vocal: SSA
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Gauchos were very honest and independent men. The two dancers perform a kind of fight: the first dancer "draws" a figure with his feet that must be repeated by the second one. When it is the second dancer’s turn, he will draw another figure which must be duplicated by the first dancer. The figures are called mudanzas. The dance is over when one of the dancers cannot repeat the drawing of the other or cannot think of a new drawing. Also arranged for SATB A Cappella (Ed. 8950)