Palette of Touches, Intermediate

Palette of Touches, Intermediate

Composed by Joanne Haroutounian


Palette of Touches–Intermediate offers a way for developing pianists to gain an aural awareness of tonal colors available on the piano and the technical tools needed to produce them in performance.

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  • Edition Number: WP619
  • ISBN 10 digit: 0849798124
  • ISBN 13 digit: 9780849798122
  • Media Type: Music Books
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Level/Grade: Intermediate
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The book introduces a variety of legato, staccato, and chordal touches through the following:

  • Detailed descriptions, photographs, and online video clip demonstrations
  • Recommended touch symbols to apply to printed exercises and scores
  • Exercises specifically written to match each touch
  • Excerpts from traditional piano literature for quick application
  • Selected pieces of classic repertoire that feature each touch
Teachers and students learn to define interpretive decisions in music being studied using a descriptive, clear-cut "touch vocabulary," assigning a level of weight into the key (key depth) to define dynamics, and through exercises and repertoire that allow students to physically fine-tune the sound and feel of these touches. The results can be remarkable. Student performances suddenly gain life and vitality!