Piano Town Accompaniments, Primer (CD)

Piano Town Accompaniments, Primer (CD)

Composed by Diane HidyKeith Snell


The Piano Town Compact Disc Accompaniments are an important motivational tool designed to enhance students' home practice. Three compact discs contain accompaniments for all of the exercises in the Lessons, Technic and Performance books. There are two stereo accompaniment tracks for most pieces in each book.


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  • Edition Number: MP100CD
  • ISBN 10 digit: 0849773490
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Media Type: CD
  • Series: Piano Town  


The first track is at a slower, practice tempo and includes a demonstration of the student piano part.  The second track is at a faster tempo and features the accompaniment only, allowing the student to experience the joy of solo performance.  For pieces with only one accompaniment track, a moderate tempo has been selected, and the student part is included.