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Recorder Excellence - Upgrade Kit (w/ CD / DVD / iPAS)

Recorder Excellence - Upgrade Kit (w/ CD / DVD / iPAS)



The Upgrade Kit Features:
Play-Along Accompaniments
Use the Play-Along Accompaniments on the Recorder Excellence CD to enrich your home practice sessions and improve understanding of phrasing, balance, rhythm, pulse, and musical styles. The Enhanced CD contains accompaniments for most of the exercises in the book, and additional accompaniments can be found on the DVD

Video Learning Materials
The Video learning Materials on the Recorder Excellence DVD include a Getting Started guide, as well as Lessons, Tutorials, and Demonstrations to assist you as you learn to play the recorder. Virtual Flashcards are also included to help you test yourself on important concepts.

iPAS Software (Interactive Practice and Assessment System)
iPAS is an exciting tool designed to help you learn to play your recorder with the help of a computer. Once installed, simply play along with the accompaniment and iPAS will grade and even record your playing. iPAS indicates the areas where you need improvement or where you were 100% successful! The integrated Tuner and Metronome helps to further develop your pitch and rhythm Skills.

Also available is the awesome three-piece Kjos Recorder. Teachers, parents, and students will love this exceptional instrument: it looks great, plays great, and will help ensure a successful music experience. The Kjos Instrument Microphone for use with iPAS is rugged and practical – and an exceptional value. Rounding out the current RECORDER EXCELLENCE product line is new concert band and string orchestra literature correlated with RECORDER EXCELLENCE. These unique selections help the recorder to serve as the perfect entrée into band and string programs.

The family of RECORDER EXCELLENCE products gives teachers, parents, and beginning musicians just the tools they need to launch a lifetime of musical enjoyment and learning.