Secrets of String Success - 3 DVD Set

Secrets of String Success - 3 DVD Set

Students & Teachers will find invaluable string secrets here in this 3-DVD set!


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Join world renowned string pedagogue Dr. Gerald Fischbach and his distinguished colleagues, Phyllis Young and David Neubert, as they lead an enthusiastic group of young students. Together, they make learning a string instrument fun, exciting, and remarkably effective. These movement-education based exercises and routines provide a quick boost to any string method. Teachers and students alike will find this entertaining series to be insightful, providing and essential layer of how-to (and why-to) information to fill in the gaps left by the words and still pictures in method books. Contents Include: DISC 1: Unit 1 Holding the Instrument and Bow - Part 1A: Getting Comfortable with your instrument - Part 1B: Floating Banjo - Part 1C: Statue of Liberty Holding the Cello - Part 2: The "Alert Sentry" Holding the Bass - Part 3A: Sizing and Fitting - Part 3B: Standing - Part 3C: Sitting Increasing Instrument Holding Skills - Part 4: SwingStrum - Part 5: Shuttle SwingStrum Violin/Viola, Cello & Bass - Part 6A: Holding the Bow - Part 6B: Holding the Bass Bow, "Jaws" The German Bow - Part 6C: The Floating Parachute - Part 6D: The Monkey Hang - Part 6E: Waterbuckets, Strawberries, & Honey Dipped Bows - Part 7A: Bow Parallel to the Bridge - Part 7B: Bow Tilt, Sounding Point, Angle - Part 8: Place and Lift, Bounce Tap, & Rock and Roll Unit 2 Beginning Bowing - Part 9: Bow Directions - Part 10: The Basic Detache Stroke - Part 11: Rhythm Patterns: Open String "Roundabouts" - Part 12: More Roundabouts - Part 13: Everybody's Favorite Roundabout: Meter Melt DISC 2: Unit 3 The Left Hand - Part 14: 3-Position Shuttle SwingStrum - Part 15: Grasshopper Gus! - Part 16: String Polishing - Part 17: Harmonics - Part 18: Finding First Position - Part 19: The Magic "Octave" - Part 20: First Finger Patterns Unit 4 Growing Bowing - Part 21: Travelin' Lift and Place - Part 22: Boomerang Pizzicato - Part 23: Crisp Strokes I Unit 5 Double Bass - Part 24: Special Left Hand Topic: The Pivot DISC 3: Unit 6 Introductions and Exercises for: Bow Arm Flexibility - Part 25: I. The Paint Brush - Part 26: II. The Elevator - Part 27: III. Stick Walk - Part 28: IV. Sky Writing Unit 7 The Artistic Bow Arm - Part 29: Crisp Strokes II: Martele - Part 30: Crisp Strokes III: Spiccato - Part 31: Bow Speed, Bow Division - Part 32: Farewell, young artists!