Composed by John Edmondson


Taco Tiempo is Spanish for “taco time.” It has nothing to do with the food franchise found mostly in the western United States. The work is intended as a typical mariachi style melody, featuring two trumpets playing in thirds and sixths, a device used extensively in the later Americanized mariachi music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The true mariachi band is based on Mexican folk music, played originally on stringed instruments, with the later addition of trumpets. The piece stands on its own, and the composer hopes that it will provide a change of pace or as an encore selection on band programs at all levels.

Duration: 2:00


  • Edition Number: Q882305
  • Publication Date: 0016
  • UPC: 8402704783
  • Level/Grade: 1
  • Media Type: Music Books
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