Water Music

Composed by Gina Sprunger


Brookside - The Toxaway Creek flows down a Smokey Mountain valley in North Carolina. As a camp counselor, my "Birdhouse" cabin was situated near the creek, Imagine the joy of falling asleep and waking to the gentle rhythms of a babbling brook.


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Whitewater - Whitewater rafts abound on the Natahala River in western North Carolina. Experience the icy mountain waters, the adrenalin rush of discovering the unknown, and the thrill of rafting down this rugged river.


Snorkeling the Caribbean - The Caribbean is a beautiful, quiet place to enjoy seeing an array of colorful tropical fish. Enjoying paddling gently into the deep waters where schools of fish swim playfully around the coral reefs.


Coconut Bay - This piece was inspired by my visit to the isle of CocoCay . It is surrounded by the beautiful azure waters of the Caribbean. Relax in an island hammock, feel the ocean breeze, visualize thatch roofs, smell the salt air, hear the ocean waves, and watch out for falling coconuts! Tap your toes to the steel drums playing happy island music.


Gliding on Skis - A summer vacation at Lake Sinclair is the middle of Georgia was a special treat. Determined to teach me to water ski at an early age, my father actually tied my skis together to help! Hold on tight as the little, red wooden boat putts across the glassy lake and gives endless fun on a hot afternoon.


The Okefenokee - Native Americans called the giant marsh Okefenokee "Land of the Trembling Earth." Venture into the dark, murky swamps under low-hanging moss where ancient cypress trees grow, egrets search for food, and an occasional alligator slithers by.


Rowing on a Lazy Afternoon - In northeast Indiana, Crooked Lake brings wonderful memories of quietly rowing across the waters on a late summer afternoon. Feel the tug of the oars through the water and daydream of timesgone by.