Composed by Kirt Mosier


Alasdroim (Pronounced "Ah-lass-DRIMM") is a composition that draws upon two ancient Irish Gaelic folk songs. The songs are titled: "Gol Na mBan San Ar" (The crying of the women at the slaughter) and "Mairseail Alasdroim" (MacAllistrum's march).


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In 1647 at Knockinoss in the county of Cork, 4,000 Irishmen under the leadership of Alasdor MacDonnell went into battle with the forces of the British Lord Inchiquin. All of the Irish forces perished. The first of these two Gaelic folk songs is about the battle at Knockinoss. The second song was written for the funeral procession of Alasdor MacDonnell. The title, Alasdroim, is the Gaelic word for MacAllistrum.

Alasdroim was composed for the 1996 Music Educators National Conference.