Guitar Sessions-Book 1 (Book & Cd)

Guitar Sessions-Book 1 (Book & Cd)

Composed by Kevin Daley


Everyone can learn to play the guitar using Guitar Sessions—the most innovative and comprehensive method available for beginning students. No prior musical knowledge is necessary.

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  • Edition Number: 151GCT
  • ISBN 10 digit: 0849729025
  • Level/Grade: 1
  • Media Type: Music Books
  • Instrument: Guitar


Book 2 picks up right where Book 1 left off and continues to lead students down the road toward mastery. Following the book page-by-page will give students the tools necessary to perform the music they want to play.


—NEW NOTES and CHORDS are introduced at a comfortable pace. Crisp, clear photographs and diagrams assist students in performing over 150 exercises, songs, solos, and duets.


—The fundamentals of music THEORY are presented in an interesting and easy-to-understand format.


—LEFT HAND and RIGHT HAND pointers take the mystery out of the guitar, helping students build solid coordination and technique.


—STYLE boxes contain practical performance tips and information on the finer points of musicianship and the vocabulary of the modern guitarist.


Guitar Sessions is also a fresh and exciting introduction to group performance. Five original songs (called SESSIONS) allow guitarists to play with a drummer, keyboardist, and bassist at their own level of advancement. The first one is playable after just a few lessons!


Recordings of the SESSIONS, plus 25 additional songs called MINI JAMS (original songs, and some old favorites, too), are available online at Included are two versions of each piece—one for students to hear the guitar part demonstrated, and one for play-along.