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Mariachi Mastery - Score / Partitura

Mariachi Mastery - Score / Partitura



The First and Only One of Its Kind!

This comprehensive resource is exactly what you need to develop a successful mariachi program in your school! Whether you already have a mariachi program, or are just thinking of starting one, Mariachi Mastery will be an enlightening and invaluable resource. Entirely bilingual, this Score & Resource Guide is packed with helpful hints and detailed explanations for all musical exercises. Also included are worksheets and answer keys, historical information, guides on teaching the individual mariachi instruments, and informative articles, such as "The National Standards of Music Education as Applied to Mariachi Music."

With flexible instrumentation and careful scoring, Mariachi Mastery allows you to simultaneously teach violin, trumpet, guitarrón, armonía, viola, cello, bass and/or harp students all together in one room. Each instrument book has exercises and performance tips specifically written for that instrument, and all of the books work together seamlessly so that you can successfully guide your students’ musical advancement while learning to perform mariachi music in the authentic style.

Songs Included: De Colores La Valentina Las Golodrinas La Adelita Tristes Recuerdos La Raspa El Caballito La Bamba El Súchil La Llorona El Son de Mi Tierra María Chuchena