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Slap Board Silly: Outrageous fun with music concepts!
"Looking for a new group music game for your students? Then try the Three Cranky Women's new Slap Board Silly: Outrageous fan with music concepts! It is a fun and stimulating music theory game for two co 10 students and can be used for different levels of the students' theory knowledge. This theory game contains 36 double-sided SlapBoards divided into six sets on thick 8 ½ x 11-inch laminat­ed paper, which you can easily care and store for teaching. In addition, the game is easy for everyone to understand.

The sets includes six different categories with the symbols on one side and the written theory answer on the back­side including: Symbols & Signs, Note Identification, Key Signatures, Intervals, Scale Degrees, Triad and 7th Chords. The teacher chooses a category to put on the table for the game. They can combine categories as they choose and then put out multiple pages of theSlap Board. The students work with multiple boards on the table at once to see who can slap the answer first that the teacher calls out to the group.

My students had a lot of fun playing Slap Board Silly, and it could easily be played with just two players, but the larger groups were even more fun. They enjoyed trying to quickly find the answer to the theory question to be the first to slap the answer and win. The game was adaptable, and I could put larger groups into two sides of the table use two sets of cards-one for beginner and one for experienced. I used note signs and symbols for my beginners and key signatures for the more experienced stu­dents to ensure everyone in the group had a level-appropriate theory question, and it worked very well."

-Reviewed by Robyn Pfeifer, NCTM, Portland, Oregon Review by American Music Teacher Magazine (AMT) April/May 2017 / (Posted on 8/24/2017)
Outrageous Fun with Music Concepts
"We can never have too many ways of testing our students' understanding of theory knowledge especially through games where the students think they are just having fun. With this in mind Kjos has come up with Slapboard Silly, an interactive speed game that can be used in individual lessons or in groups of 2-10 players. These 26 large, double sided, brightly colored laminated cards test music signs and symbols, note naming, key signatures (yes, all of them, not just the easy ones!), intervals, degrees of the scale and both major and minor triads and seventh chords. The teacher asks a question for which the answer appears somewhere on the slapboard. The player slaps the answer immediately or if the teacher asks for something that does not appear on the slapboard the student slaps Silly Sam, the goofy character who appears on every card in various guises." Review by California Music Teacher Magazine (CMT) Fall 2016 / (Posted on 8/24/2017)