Theory Gymnastics: Con Moto (Level C)

Theory Gymnastics: Con Moto (Level C)

Theory Gymnastics is the most creative and comprehensive theory curriculum available and the perfect companion to every method. By combining hilariously funny games with their creative books, the Three Cranky Women (TCW) have elevated music theory from the boring "must-do" to the "I can't wait to do!" Whether a practice page or a brain-teasing difficult puzzle page, the variety of activities requires students to repeatedly use and apply each theory concept in new and different ways.

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  • Edition Number: TW200C
  • ISBN 10 digit: 0-8497-6338-X
  • ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-8497-6338-0
  • Series: Theory Gymnastics  
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Concepts in Level C include the order of sharps and flats, key signatures, major scales, major and minor triads, rhythmic dictation, composition, and more.